Cone Beam CT Scanning

X-rays are a standard part of any dental practice and are often done at least twice a year. However, when a dental concern appears that needs a more thorough investigation, it may not be enough. Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CT) is an imaging technique that is capable of producing highly detailed images of teeth and bone. Their ability to produce clearer and more detailed images of facial structures is one reason that the University Oral Surgery Center in Los Angeles, CA, offers them.

Discovering The Benefits of a 3D CT Scan

One of the drawbacks of X-ray imaging has always been the flat, 2D nature of the resulting images. Our bodies are not two-dimensional, and this means that x-rays produce an imperfect vision of them. The 3D CT addresses this problem by taking a large number of high-quality 3D images in a panoramic view. These images are then compiled together into a single true-to-life rendering of your facial structures. The reasons Dr. Shabtaie may order a 3D CT scan include:

  • Orthodontic issues
  • Dental implant procedures
  • Tooth extractions
  • Cosmetic procedures such as veneers, crowns, onlay, etc.
  • Addressing TMJ Disorder

 The highly detailed nature of the 3D CT scan makes it possible to identify the orientation of the teeth and the spacing available in the jawbone. It can also produce clearer images of the patient’s teeth, bones, and soft tissues. Each of these elements makes the resulting image essential in improving procedure outcomes.


Another great aspect of 3D CT scans is the amount of time it takes to receive one. Unlike the uncomfortable process of biting down on multiple plates while multiple x-rays are taken, the Cone Beam CT Scan can get a full image of your mouth in under 40 seconds. In this period, hundreds of images are taken, each at a slightly different angle. The result is a convenient, accurate, and clear image of your facial structures.


Conventional x-rays have been a useful tool for decades, but their time is passing. CT scans represent a better way for our team to get the information they need to treat you effectively. The images they reproduce are clearer, more accurate, and can be achieved with little to no discomfort for the patient. The resulting digital format is also easier to transmit to other specialists, to send to your new dentist when you move, and to provide to you for your records. You’ll never have to worry about the films getting lost or misplaced since they get stored in a virtual format rather than a physical one.


Call University Oral Surgery Center To Learn More

Our team is always ready and willing to answer any questions our patients may have about the imaging services available at our office. We’re dedicated to providing lasting, effective treatment using the latest technologies and with the least discomfort. Dr. Shabtaie is available for scheduled appointments. They’ll answer any dental questions you may have during your consultation and work with you to form an effective treatment plan for your concerns. Call for a visit today!

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