Facial Trauma

Injuries that occur to the face, also known as maxillofacial injuries, often need the expertise of an oral surgeon to address. These injuries most often affect the jaw, mouth, or face. At some point during our lives, it’s likely that we’ve experienced facial trauma, even if only superficially. These injuries most often occur as part of an on-the-job accident, motor-vehicle collisions, acts of violence, or sports mishaps. These injuries can involve the skin, bones, teeth, or other oral structures. The University Oral Surgery Center can help address issues like these under the guidance of Dr. Shabtaie in Los Angeles, CA.

Facial Trauma

What To Do When A Facial Injury Occurs

The first step is always to determine the extent and severity of the injury. In cases where the injured party is nauseated, dizzy, disoriented, or unconscious, a call to emergency services should happen immediately. If the injury has not produced these symptoms, but you’re having difficulty determining the severity, find your way to an emergency room immediately.

When the immediate concerns have passed, you may discover that you need the assistance of an oral surgeon like Dr. Shabtaie. Specialists like these focus on injuries that occur to the jaws, mouth, teeth, and other facial structures. Some injuries these experts treat include:

  • Soft Tissue Facial Injuries – These injuries include lacerations that occur on the face or in the oral cavity. These latter are known as intra-oral lacerations. In the majority of situations, these issues can be corrected with stitching or suturing. Care must be taken to avoid damaging the salivary ducts, glans, and facial nerves. This requires not just focusing on the superficial damage but on the underlying structures as well.
  • Bone Injuries – When the bone has become damaged, it’s necessary to stabilize them to prevent further damage. This stabilization also ensures that the damage will heal properly. Unlike broken limbs or fingers, it’s not possible to apply a cast to the face. To stabilize this area, it may be necessary to use screws or plates to secure them in place while they heal. In other situation, it may be necessary to hold the jaw in place by wiring it shut.
  • Teeth Injuries – In cases where the teeth have been injured, multiple specialists may be needed to preserve them. Dr. Shabtaie will focus primarily on injuries to the bone or when teeth have been forcefully displaced or knocked out. The services of an endodontist or restoration dental specialists may be required as well.

After assessing the state of the injury, Dr. Shabtaie will work with you to determine the best possible treatment for it. The conclusion reached will depend on the general health of the patient, the severity of the injury, and how old the patient is. The location of the injury will also come into play. Dr. Shabtaie will use the smallest incisions possible to prevent lasting and visible scarring.


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Dr. Shabtaie and the team at the University Oral Surgeon Center are available for consultation for cases of facial trauma. Reach out to our staff to arrange a consultation with our team. You’ll be on your way to addressing your injuries and restoring form and function in no time! Call today!

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