Wisdom Teeth

Most dentists can perform wisdom tooth extractions easily, but when your dentist determines that the extraction will be too complicated, then they’ll often refer their patients to an oral surgeon. As oral surgeons, we specialize in complex tooth extractions and many other forms of complex facial surgery to properly handle difficulties with your dental health and provide you with long-lasting solutions.

Reasons For Complex Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Our oral surgeons are medically trained to provide wisdom tooth extractions for patients with more complicated cases. In the most optimal settings, any dentist licensed to do so will perform a tooth extraction on the wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are often removed because of their long-lasting impacts on oral health. When not removed, wisdom teeth can cause a malocclusion, bite problems, and can even potentially cause the development of cysts and tumors due to the sustained pressure placed on the mouth from the wisdom teeth.

However, wisdom teeth that fully erupt are considered rare. In most cases, wisdom teeth tend to partially erupt, grow sideways into the jawbone, or fail to erupt completely. While some dentists are capable of handling these kinds of extractions, some wisdom tooth extractions are even more complicated to handle, thus requiring the skills of our oral surgeons to perform. Some examples of complex tooth cases we can perform extractions on can include:

Entangled/Twisted Roots: In rarer cases, the wisdom teeth could contain entangled tooth roots that prevent extraction and removal through simple surgery. In these cases, surgically opening the gum line and jawbone area will be required to remove them.

Impacted Teeth: Impacted wisdom teeth often occur when the jaw isn’t large enough to allow room for the wisdom teeth to erupt. Thus, the wisdom teeth get stuck, or impacted, inside the jawbone and aren’t able to break through to the gumline.

Large Sinus Cavities: Because the wisdom teeth are close to the sinuses, the teeth can place pressure along the sinus cavity and cause sinus infections and sinus headaches. Extractions that expose the sinuses are often required by an oral surgeon to treat.

Fractured Wisdom Teeth: Wisdom teeth that have been fractured due to accidents or other injuries will often require the expertise of oral surgeons to correct, as these procedures take multiple steps to complete.

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Our wisdom tooth extractions are handled under the expertise of Dr. Shabtaie and are made to be as comfortable as possible. When you schedule an appointment with us, our team will discuss the surgical risks beforehand and provide post-operative instructions for a smooth recovery. Our surgeons at University Oral Surgery Center work to provide the highest quality surgical care for our patients and can provide numerous surgical procedures on the soft tissues, jawline, and other areas of the mouth and face to resolve complex tooth and jaw pain and give you better health overall. Contact University Oral Surgery Center today to arrange an appointment with us for more information about our surgical procedures and our practice.

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