How Platelet Rich Plasma Helps You Heal After Oral Surgery

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Many oral surgeries can easily be performed to allow patients to recover at home, and each surgery requires post-surgical guidelines to minimize and prevent complications. Surgeries such as implants, impacted teeth extractions, wisdom teeth removal, and maxillofacial surgeries can all potentially benefit from a therapeutic approach known as platelet-rich plasma. Below, we’ll explore the benefits of this therapy and provide valuable information on how it can be used to benefit oral surgery procedures. 

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy?

Most oral procedures involve the body’s healing process, beginning with the formation of blood clots at the surgical site. Through this progression, it leads to the healing and regeneration of the soft and hard tissues. Platelet-rich plasma is a therapy that uses the patient’s own blood to enhance the healing process. The blood is enriched with blood clotting cells, or platelets, which are used to stop bleeding. The method works by separating the patient’s red and white blood cells, concentrating them into PRP liquid. From there, the PRP liquid is reinjected into the affected areas to assist in the healing process and help reduce post-operative pain. 

The process of isolating plasma from other blood components is done using a centrifuge. The centrifuge separates the plasma layer, and the concentrated liquid is applied to the surgical wound or mouth socket post-surgery. This therapeutic technique brings out many advantages. Platelet-rich plasma therapy can address symptoms of pain, swelling, and stiffness in the jaw while also promoting a speedy recovery. By stimulating the body’s natural healing process with platelet, PRP therapy enhances the regeneration process, providing these benefits: 

  • Reduced postoperative pain 
  • Enhanced healing of oral tissues 
  • Strengthened bone structure after bone grafts 
  • Accelerated recovery following dental implant and tooth extraction procedures
  • Lower incidence of dry socket after tooth extraction

One of the key advantages of PRP treatments is their safety. Because the treatment is derived from the patient’s own blood, it eliminates most concerns with disease transmission. Moreover, patients don’t need to schedule a separate visit for blood collection, as it can be performed during the same surgical procedure. 

When healing surgical wounds, the risk of infections and other complications is minimized. PRP releases growth factors that help regenerate both the hard and soft tissues within the body, translating to quicker recovery times and allowing the patient to return back to their daily activities sooner than standard treatment methods. 

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Platelet-rich plasma therapy can be an excellent way to boost your healing, and finding a qualified professional to administer this treatment can help facilitate faster healing for your oral surgeries. If you wish to learn more about whether PRP therapy is right for you, then reach out to us today. Contact University Oral Surgery Center to explore your treatment options for oral surgery. Under the care of our team in Los Angeles, CA, we can provide the surgical treatments you need to care for your smile. Call us at (310) 208-3471 today!

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