Why Do I Have a Hard Bony Lump on My Gum?

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A healthy smile is a good sign, especially when your gums are clean, pink, and bright. If you’ve found a hard, bony lump along your gum line, however, don’t panic! Most cases of hard bony lumps aren’t usually a cause for concern, and your oral surgeon will be able to diagnose and treat your gums and help them stay healthy. In today’s article, we’ll help provide possible explanations for the hard, bony lump along your gumline and provide you with what to do next. 

Why Do You Have a Hard, Bony Lump Along Your Gumline? What Causes Hard, Bony Lumps In The First Place? 

Bony growths are often found along the gumline where the jawbone meets your external tissues. Also referred to as exostosis or osteomas, these lumps form on top of existing bone and can be caused by irritations and chronic bone injuries and can even appear after tooth extractions. However, sometimes it isn’t even that, and while some symptoms are similar, there can be more specific causes that your dentist can diagnose and treat. These causes include:

  • Cysts: Cysts can form along the gum line but can easily turn hard and become infected over time. These bubble pockets of clear liquid, air, and other materials can become painful if not treated. 
  • Canker Sores: These ulcers are often found along the mouth’s surface, including the gums. While they can go away over time, your dentist can provide medication to help relieve any pain you experience. 
  • Dental Abscesses: Unlike canker sores and cysts, these are pockets of infection that can feel like hard, lumpy bumps along the gums. As a warm, painful lump, they need to be treated by a dentist or oral surgeon to prevent the spread of infection to the adjacent teeth or other gum areas. 
  • Fibromas: Fibromas are considered the most common form of hard lumps found in the mouth. These noncancerous growths can appear after the gums have been injured or irritated or occur after surgery. They’re typically harmless and can easily be surgically removed. 
  • Mandibular Torus: These are hard, bony growths that typically form along the jawline, and while these growths are harmless, they can get treated if they interfere with chewing, speaking, and other functions. Some people can be born with this condition. 

Other conditions, such as oral lichen planus, tumors, and oral cancer, may also contribute to the formation of your hard lump, so if you are experiencing a swollen, hard spot along your gumline, it’s important to seek out your local dentist or oral surgeon to diagnose and treat it. 

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